About Us


WynterCon originated in 2014 from humble beginnings, starting with ideas jotted down on an A4 notepad. It was originally conceived as a gathering for enthusiasts of pop culture, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror and film. The event also had a goal to raise money for local Eastbourne charities by blending community service with entertainment. Whilst initially a commercial venture, it quickly became a significant community event.

The inaugural WynterCon in October 2014 took place at the Eastbourne Winter Garden and was enthusiastically received, featuring a range of workshops, demonstrations and activities focused on inclusivity and fostering creativity across all ages and backgrounds. Maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere, the event has consistently welcomed individuals from all walks of life.

Over time, WynterCon expanded in scope and size, introducing diverse programming and attracting larger crowds. Regular features now include guest appearances, educational workshops and interactive exhibits with each year bringing fresh and engaging elements.

In 2018, the organisation behind WynterCon underwent a significant transformation, evolving into a registered charity, known as “Wyntercon CIO” (formed as a charitable incorporated organisation), a move aligned with its community-centric values and dedication to supporting local initiatives. This allowed Wyntercon to enhance its impact on the community and broaden its fundraising and outreach capabilities.

Andy Kybett, affectionately known as “Mr WynterCon”, was joined by a board of trustees and held the post of Chair of the charity. In early 2022 the Charity formed a wholly-owned subsidiary called Promethean Promotions Ltd (“PPL”) which now organises the WynterCon events to raise funds for the charity.

From late 2022, the charity changed its name from Wyntercon to Sky Creative Sussex to distinguish the year-round work of the charity from the annual fundraising event itself.

After 5 years, Andy Kybett stood down as the Chair of Sky Creative Sussex in August 2023, remaining as a trustee. As Vice Chair of the charity together with his ongoing role as Director of PPL, this ensures that the foundational spirit and vision of WynterCon are preserved. At the same time, the whole board of trustees continues to play the crucial role of guiding and expanding the charitable efforts of the organisation.

Today, WynterCon continues to be a cultural and economic highlight for its region, providing a welcoming environment where fans of various genres can share their passions and celebrate together.


Promethean Promotions Ltd (Company No. 13964481) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky Creative Sussex (registered charity number 1178076).

Promethean Promotions was formed in 2022 to undertake trading activities such as event management and the sale of branded merchandise, the profits from which help fund Sky Creative Sussex. This includes organising the annual WynterCon event (a comic-con-style fundraising showcase).


Sky Creative Sussex is an award-winning Arts and Education charity that champions eco-awareness and inclusivity above all!  They achieve their goals of spreading awareness of these issues by delivering workshops to disadvantaged individuals through the accessible lens of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

With a hands-on learning approach, they provide a welcoming environment to inspire creativity and help develop social skills to encourage individual growth and support those in need.

Formerly known as Wyntercon CIO, their name was changed to Sky Creative Sussex in late 2022 to provide greater clarity in line with their mission statement. This change was made to distinguish them from the WynterCon event itself. Whilst the WynterCon event may take place over one weekend a year, Sky Creative Sussex’s activities and workshops run all year round.