Calling all cosplay fanatics! Get ready to unleash your inner hero and step into the Cosplay Hall at Wyntercon X – the ultimate destination for all things cosplay. Located in the Welcome Building, the Cosplay Hall is a vibrant hub of excitement where your favourite on-screen characters come to life. With everything from Ghostbusters to Wookies, Avengers to Star Wars, and even Fairies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and snap some fantastic photos that you’ll treasure forever.
And for those planning on joining us in costume – bravo! Make sure to check out our Cosplay Guidelines to ensure a smooth and electrifying experience for everyone involved. 
So, what are you waiting for? Get your gear on and head to the Cosplay Hall for an unforgettable experience at Wyntercon X. We can’t wait to see you there!


Prepare to showcase your creativity and imagination at the Wyntercon X Cosplay Competition! Our event boasts one of the largest costume contests on the south coast, and the best part is, it’s completely free to participate. Whether you’re an experienced cosplayer or a beginner, our judges are searching for the most innovative and dedicated costumes out there. This competition is family-friendly and welcomes all levels and styles of costume.
With a range of categories to choose from, you can display your skills and let your passion for cosplay shine. Our judges prioritize originality and hard work above all else, so get ready to impress with your exceptional costume!
Join us at Wyntercon X and let your cosplay talent take center stage!


unipool cosplay

(a.k.a David and Jan) return as our Cosplay Coordinators and competition judges. and are known for injecting humour and creativity into their projects. Keen to promote cosplay as a fun, enjoyable hobby for all, our cosplay team will greet you with equal enthusiasm, whether you are in a custom made outfit or a hand-painted cardboard box.

Gingersnap cosplay

Leia, aka Ginger has been making costumes for around 25 years and always prioritised fun over fine details but with the therapy of making for fun. She adores Wyntercon with the family friendly fun and welcoming atmosphere amongst the geekiness she loves. She will be helping out with cosplay competitions and talks throughout the weekend and would be delighted to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

Southampton Apes & Friends

Based on the original Planet of the apes costumes, this group of friends bring joy and a little mischief to everyone they meet. We will be joined by three apes each day at this years WynterCon X. Our advice? Whatever you do... don’t call them monkeys!

Iconic Legion

Iconic Legion are a Charity focused Costuming group. They formed all the way back on October, 2011 with the goal of making a difference through Cosplay and fund raising appearances for a variety of charities across the UK. The group is made up of like minded volunteers who have a passion for costuming, having fun and who all want to make a difference. Costumes currently cleared for the group include iconic characters from Star Wars, Comic Books, Movies, Sci-Fi and much more!

Starcrossed Fairies

Their motto is ‘See beyond the ordinary’. Starcrossed Fairies are a unique costume group that specialises in magical creatures and moving wings. They have a large range of characters such as Faeries, Wizards, Elf's and even Valkyries, who have many different types of pets, from Dragons to Pteranodons that they can't wait to introduce you to. Wyntercon X will see the Faeries conjure up their magical Tavern, the Goblin King Coaching Inn, for you to explore. Don't miss out on paying a visit to trickster faerie Pickles who can be found in the enchanted greenhouse known as Faerie Thicket. Come and meet all the fae folk who would be more than happy to take photos with you… Also, If you have a broken costume part or prop, Feel free to bring it over to us and we shall try our best to work our magic to fix it!

Crones Kitchen

A trio of witches who have our kitchen table of gruesome ingredients for people to sample if they are brave enough... We are Crones of old, so try and be bold, sample their ware if you dare!

Norwich Droids

The clue is in the name. Builders of accurate droids and robot props from famous movie and sci-fi franchises based in Norwich. Their incredible collection includes R2-D2 and R5- D4 and an incredible Probe Droid from Star Wars. Chopper, brought to life from Star Wars Rebels animated series. Pit Droids from Star Wars Episode I and the more recent The Mandalorian. Plus Daleks from Doctor Who and incredibly accurate props such as Ghostbuster Proton Packs. Their work is incredible and we can’t wait to see what they bring to WynterCon X this year.

Ninja Trooper Creations

Returning this year with their incredible 8ft Wampa display, to give a talk on Wookie Building and as an official Cosplay Competition Judge is Ninja Trooper Creations. You may have seen their display in the Cosplay Hall or taken a photo with one of their Wookies wandering the show show floor last year. Either way, they always bring something special for WynterCon and we’re sure X will be no exception.

Joker Squad

The name may be a little decieving but their motto tells you everything you need to know: “Serious about Fun, Charity And Star Wars”. With over 100 members who costume as characters from Star Wars (not all in attendance of course), they’re certainly set to make a splash this October with their incredible out of this world Cosplays!

Creative Geek CommUnity

What started off as a zoom chat during the first wave lockdown in 2020 grew in to an online geek community to share in their passion for art, fandoms and all things popculture. An all inclusive group no matter what your background or interests are! They advocate respect for all and are doing great work by creating a safe space online for their community and through campaigning heavilly against bullying.

TJC Cosplays

Special guest Cosplayer, Official WynterCon Cosplay Judge and Creative Geek Community Ambasador. TJC has an incredible tally of over 100 costumes ready to go at any time. You may have seen TJC strutting around WynterCon VIIII, last year, as their favourite and most personally inspiritational character, Harley Quinn (Classic and Suicide Squad inspired). We can’t wait to see what characters he brings to this years WynterCon X!

South Coast Chewbacca

The name speaks for itself. A cosplayer from the south coast using their passion for Cosplay, in particular Chewbacca, to help raise money for charity and good causes. You can see the mighty Chewie roaming the show floor and Cosplay Hall giving out hugs and taking photos all weekend. Just a gentle giant really.

Spirit Walker UK

A costume like no other. An otherworldly feeling creation based on the performance and mechanics of the landstriders featured in Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. An incredible sight to see manouvre the halls of WynterCon, especially the affectionately named ‘Woody’ variant coming to WynterCon X alongside the original version named ‘Spooky’.


Star Crossed Fairies

In 2015, James founded Star Crossed Fairies after drawing a stunning image of a steampunk girl with Monarch wings. His sister was so enamored with the drawing that she asked James to transform her into the very first Star Crossed Fairy, which he did with great skill and artistry. Soon after, James created more fairies, and mystical creatures began to join their ranks. Today, visitors can meet these enchanting fairies and their loyal pet Wyvern in our magical fairy cave, where they can create unforgettable photo memories to cherish for years to come.

Roger Hathaway Photography

Roger will be back at WynterCon X with his camera, big lights, green screen and over 100 backdrops to choose from… Let him help you create an incredible keepsake memory and recreate your favourite scenes from movies and TV!

Hawkins Props

A UK-based company that specializes in the hire of props for events. We have a wide range of props, including weapons, costumes, and other items that will help you bring your favourite characters to life. Our main jaw dropping display is a Life-size Demogorgon from Stranger Things!

Angel Effects

A custom movie and game prop maker who is providing a host of great set pieces for display and photo opportunities, including Batcave and Castle Grayskull Backdrops, plus thier Cosplay troupe in full force. They’re definitely going to add some atmosphere to the Cosplay Hall this year and we can’t wait!

David Aldridge

David will be creating an incredible Wednesday Adams display for us this year filled with props and backdrops from and inspired by the incredible Netflix show. From the dress she wore to prom, to Wednesday’s cello and even her writing desk, the display is shaping up to be quite impressive.




SATURDAY 14TH & SUNDAY 15TH OCTOBER 2023 | 10:00 - 16:00



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