wyntercon awards

The Squiffen Award

Each year, the Squiffen Award is presented to a volunteer at WynterCon whose commitment significantly surpasses expectations, embodying the spirit of dedication and community vital to the event’s success. Originating from the works of David T. Proctor, the late author who traded at WynterCon from its inception until his passing in 2016, and who immortalised WynterCon within his Squiffen series of children’s books. 

The award itself is named after Squiffen, the duck protagonist of these stories. This tribute to David, who deeply valued our event and its ethos, maintains our tradition of honouring an exemplary volunteer each year. These individuals, indispensable to the fabric of WynterCon, offer their time, skills, and energy, contributing significantly to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees, perpetuating the ethos of dedication and community David so greatly esteemed.

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Graham Homan - Squiffen Award 2023


Graham Homan


Ray Hodson, Richard Evans & Ciaran Doidge

Danny Payea - Squiffen Award 2021


Danny Payea

Steve Hills - Squiffen Award 2019


Steve Hills

Squiffen Award 2018


Ross Buckley & Millie Flowers

The Norbert Award

In 2024, we are thrilled to introduce The Norbert Award, an accolade designed to honour the memory of Sharon Plummer, a dearly cherished member of the WynterCon family, alongside celebrating the essence of our event’s mascot, the WynterCon dragon named Norbert. Sharon, who we tragically lost in 2023 after a short but valiant fight against cancer, was captivated by the allure of dragons, a passion that resonated deeply with the spirit of WynterCon. 

This award is dedicated to recognising the most outstanding vendor/exhibitor at our event, effectively highlighting the “Best in Show“. More than just a celebration of the exceptional creativity and the vibrant community spirit of WynterCon, The Norbert Award also serves as a heartfelt tribute to Sharon’s enduring memory and her affection for these majestic mythical beings, weaving her passions seamlessly into the fabric of our event’s values.

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