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Peter Davison

Peter Davison, fondly remembered for his portrayal of the Fifth Doctor in "Doctor Who" from 1981 to 1984, has enjoyed a varied and distinguished career across British television. His notable roles include standout performances in "All Creatures Great and Small", "Law & Order: UK", and "The Last Detective". Born in London, Davison's journey through the arts extends into musical endeavours, showcasing his versatility and cementing his esteemed position within British entertainment.

Davison's professional achievements are intertwined with personal connections to "Doctor Who". His daughter, Georgia Tennant, married David Tennant, who is celebrated by fans as the Tenth Doctor. This unique familial link between two incarnations of the beloved Time Lord adds a delightful layer to Davison’s legacy, blending personal and professional realms in a captivating way. This intertwining of his life with the iconic series highlights Davison’s lasting influence and personal connection to a show that has enthralled audiences for generations.

This year, Davison expanded his illustrious career with a role in the BBC series "Beyond Paradise", further showcasing his enduring talent and versatility in the evolving landscape of British television.

Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy, renowned for his iconic portrayal of the Seventh Doctor in the British television series "Doctor Who" from 1987 to 1989, has a rich career spanning theatre and film. His portrayal of "Radagast The Brown" in "The Hobbit" films in 2012 & 2013 showcases his skill in bringing fantastical characters to life with warmth and depth. He recently cameoed (uncredited) in the 2024 Netflix Sci-Fi series "3 Body Problem".

McCoy, doesn't have much formal training as an actor. He practically stumbled into working for an experimental theatre company as a human blockhead, hammering nails up his nose and shoving live ferrets down his trousers. This didn't exactly give him the tools to be the next Olivier, but it gave him a very interesting and unique screen and stage presence. McCoy, with his blend of vaudeville physicality, very off-beat Scottish charm and genuine sincerity is perfect to play a funny and quirky grandfather, he's immediately endearing and has an old-school countenance. That's probably where his career would have ended up... if it wasn't for Doctor Who! McCoy's repeated portrayal of the Seventh Doctor from 1996 until as recently as 2022 has solidified his enduring legacy within the Whoniverse.

Clive Mantle

Clive Mantle, with his commanding presence and resonant voice, is celebrated for his roles in "Casualty", "Holby City" and as the formidable Great Jon Umber in "Game of Thrones". His performances have captivated audiences far and wide, showcasing his remarkable versatility and depth as an actor. Mantle's career, originating from the heart of London, spans impactful stage roles in Shakespearean dramas, demonstrating his profound grasp of the craft.

Beyond his achievements on screen and stage, Mantle has ventured into the realm of children's literature, establishing himself as an acclaimed author. His foray into writing not only illustrates his diverse artistic talents but also his commitment to engaging and inspiring young readers. Through his multifaceted career, Mantle has contributed significantly to the arts, leaving a lasting impression on both the acting world and the literary community. His journey from the drama of Shakespeare to the fantastical lands of Westeros and into the imaginative worlds of children's books underscores a career dedicated to storytelling in all its forms.

Carla Mendonca

Carla Mendonça stands out for her memorable role in "My Parents Are Aliens" becoming a beloved presence in UK children's television. Her acting skills are complemented by a passionate dedication to directing, highlighting her comprehensive engagement with the performing arts. Mendonça's unique blend of warmth and humour has endeared her to audiences nationwide, showcasing her versatility and ability to connect with viewers of all ages.

Beyond her on-screen achievements, her foray into directing reveals a deep-seated commitment to storytelling and creative expression, making her a multifaceted talent in the industry. Mendonça's contributions to children's television not only entertain but also inspire, cementing her status as a cherished figure in British entertainment and a role model for aspiring artists. Her journey through acting and directing underscores a career built on passion, creativity, and a genuine love for the arts.

Terry Molloy

Terry Molloy, renowned for his iconic portrayal of Davros in "Doctor Who" has also made a significant impact in the world of radio drama, most notably as Mike Tucker in "The Archers". His remarkable vocal talent has been a key element of his diverse career, allowing him to capture the hearts of listeners and viewers alike.

Molloy's interests extend beyond the realm of acting; he is a passionate advocate for animal welfare, demonstrating his commitment to causes close to his heart. This dedication highlights the breadth of his passions and his desire to make a positive difference in the world. Whether on screen, over the airwaves, or in his advocacy work, Molloy's contributions are marked by depth, versatility, and a genuine concern for both the arts and the well-being of animals. His career, enriched by varied roles and a dedication to meaningful causes, showcases a multi-talented individual whose impact transcends his performances.

Dan Starkey

Dan Starkey, best known for his dynamic portrayal of various Sontaran characters, including the beloved Strax in "Doctor Who", has become a fan favourite for his ability to bring depth and humour to his roles. His talent extends beyond the confines of television, enriching the stage and audio dramas with his versatile performances. Starkey's engagement with "Doctor Who" has not only showcased his acting skills but also highlighted his commitment to bringing complex characters to life, earning him acclaim within the sci-fi community and beyond. His contributions to the arts, characterised by a blend of professionalism and passion, have made him a distinguished figure in the entertainment industry. Starkey's work continues to inspire and entertain, reflecting his dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with audiences around the world.

Catrin Stewart

Catrin Stewart has captured the imagination of audiences with her portrayal of Jenny Flint in "Doctor Who", becoming an integral part of the beloved Paternoster Gang. Her performance has endeared her to fans of the series, showcasing her range and commitment to character. Beyond the time-travelling adventures, Stewart has demonstrated her versatility across various mediums, including film, television, and theatre, notably shining in the Sky One comedy-drama series "Stella." Her ability to navigate diverse roles with ease and depth exemplifies her as a formidable talent within the British acting landscape. Stewart's contributions to the arts resonate with authenticity and passion, making her a standout performer who continues to leave a lasting impact on her audience. Her dynamic presence, both on-screen and on-stage, highlights her as a rising star, admired for her talent and dedication to the craft.

Sam Coleman

Sam Coleman, who left an indelible mark as young Hodor in the critically acclaimed HBO series "Game of Thrones", has not only showcased his significant acting talents but has also captured the hearts of fans globally with his portrayal of Hodor's poignant story. A local boy from Hastings, Coleman's journey from the English coast to the sprawling landscapes of Westeros has been both inspiring and remarkable. Beyond his breakout role, he continues to demonstrate his acting versatility, eagerly taking on diverse characters that highlight his passion for storytelling and his commitment to the craft. Despite the burgeoning success, Coleman remains grounded, with his roots in Bexhill adding a relatable charm to his growing profile. His early career already suggests a promising future ahead, with performances that resonate with audiences and critics alike. Coleman's ability to evoke deep emotions and his dedication to acting make him a rising star to watch, representing Bexhill on the global stage.

Amber Doig-Thorne

Amber Doig-Thorne, an emerging talent in the entertainment industry, has quickly made a name for herself with her compelling performances in horror and comedy films. Known for her versatility as an actress and her strong presence on social media, Doig-Thorne has adeptly used her platform to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media. Her passion for acting, coupled with her ability to engage with a wide audience, has seen her star rise rapidly. Beyond her on-screen roles, Amber's background in science, with a degree in Physics from the University of York, adds a unique dimension to her career, blending intellectual curiosity with artistic creativity. Her journey in the film industry, marked by a commitment to exploring diverse characters and genres, showcases a promising talent dedicated to making a lasting impact in entertainment.

Jon Campling

Jon Campling, renowned for his memorable role as a Death Eater in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and King Regis in "Final Fantasy XV" is a versatile actor whose distinctive presence has captivated audiences in both film and video games. His ability to portray complex characters with intensity and depth has made him a sought-after talent in the entertainment industry. Beyond his notable roles, Campling is celebrated for his engagement with fans and his passion for performance, often participating in conventions and interactive events. His dedication to his craft, combined with a unique blend of charisma and authenticity, has endeared him to a broad audience, making him a beloved figure in both the cinematic and gaming worlds. Campling's career, characterised by a wide range of challenging roles, reflects his adventurous spirit and commitment to bringing intriguing stories to life.

Pam Rose

Pam Rose is a veteran actress whose career has spanned several decades, gracing both the big screen and television with her versatile performances. Perhaps best known for her uncredited role as Leesub Sirln in "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope", Rose has become a cult figure among sci-fi enthusiasts. Her ability to embody a variety of characters has seen her appear in iconic films and series, including contributions to "Superman" and "Space 1999". Beyond her acting, Rose is a regular on the convention circuit, sharing her experiences and connecting with fans across the globe. Her enduring appeal in the world of science fiction and beyond is a testament to her talent and resilience in the entertainment industry. Rose's career not only highlights her as a pioneering figure in genre films but also as an inspiration to aspiring actors.

George Coppen

George Coppen, notably recognised for his role as Sweet Cupid in the Netflix original “The School for Good and Evil”, has made significant strides in both film and television. His talents have further been showcased in season 3 of “The Witcher” and the Disney+ series “Willow”, contributing to the enchanting narratives of these productions.

Beyond his on-screen achievements, George has earned acclaim within the Midlands comedy circuit, captivating audiences with his sharp wit and relatable humour. August 2024 marks a milestone in his comedic journey as he debuts his first full-length performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with “Coppen Through Life”. This foray into one of the globe's most esteemed comedy festivals opens a new chapter for George, providing a personal glimpse into his comedic perspective and life experiences. His grounded approach in both the realms of acting and stand-up comedy underscores his adaptability and authentic rapport with audiences, showcasing a talent that traverses beyond the camera lens.

Willie Coppen

Willie Coppen's acting career, defined by memorable roles in beloved fantasy films, has endeared him to audiences worldwide. Famous for his portrayal of an Ewok in "Return of the Jedi", his work within the "Star Wars" universe has made him a treasured figure among sci-fi and fantasy fans. His career also includes roles in "The NeverEnding Story" and "Willow", where his performances contributed to the lasting legacy of these films. Recently, Coppen has appeared in "A Spy Amongst Friends" and the Disney+ reboot of "Willow" showcasing his adaptability in an evolving entertainment landscape.

Eager to share his experiences, Willie looks forward to connecting with fans and offering insights into his diverse projects. His enthusiasm for engaging with audiences and discussing his work underscores his genuine connection to the fantastical worlds he's helped bring to life. Willie Coppen continues to inspire, captivating fans across generations with his contributions to film and television.

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